About Pretoria Machinery Works

Pretoria Machinery Works is a 3rd generation, family owned and run business, which was first established and registered as a company in Pretoria, South Africa, in the late 1940's. In the 1970's we expanded our activities to include Aluminium extrusion die-design and manufacture, servicing all major South African Aluminium extrusion companies.

From experience gained over many years in the Aluminium industry, a need was identified in the marketplace for a heavy duty continuous geared hinge. In consultation with, and technical assistance from outside sources, the Aluton | Continuous Geared Hinge was developed.

This product has since been very successfully marketed in Southern Africa as well as in other countries in and around the African continent. Recently, our products have been distributed as far a field as South America, Europe and in the Middle-East.

Pretoria Machinery Works places great emphasis on quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Raw Materials

Industrial Grade Aluminium Alloy supplied by the leading and largest aluminium extruder in Southern Africa.


Precision Industrial CNC machinery used with extensive and precise workmanship.

Customer Service

A high standard of service delivery emphasised with meeting our customers individual needs.

Hinge Specifications

Our Aluton | Continuous Geared Hinges are engineered to provide the longest-lasting solution for high-traffic, high-impact doors. Because our hinges are precision manufactured using Aluminium (industrial grade: 6063) with up to 47 self-lubricating bearings and double-rows of mounting holes and are continuous, they simply outperform most entrance components by distributing the door weight along the full length of the door frame.

The Aluton | Continuous Geared Hinges come in three core variants and lengths i.e.: Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Standard Duty - Fire Rated; and 2100mm (2.1m), 2400mm (2.4m) and 3000mm (3.0m) in length respectively. Each Aluton | Continuous Geared Hinge can be further customised to meet specific client requirements for example: the number of and diameter of the mounting holes for each hinge blade respectively, and the finish or colour of the hinge.

Up to 450Kg / 992Lbs - White Blocks (bearings)

DIN EN 1935:2002-05

Aluminium Alloy Industrial Grade: 6063

PMW-2.1-S | PMW-2.4-S | PMW-3.0-S

Up to 650Kg / 1433Lbs - Black Blocks (bearings)

DIN EN 1935:2002-05

Aluminium Alloy Industrial Grade: 6063

PMW-2.1-HD | PMW-2.4-HD | PMW-3.0-HD

Up to 450Kg / 992Lbs - Grey Blocks (bearings)

DIN EN 1935:2002-05

Aluminium Alloy Industrial Grade: 6063

PMW-2.1-F | PMW-2.4-F | PMW-3.0-F

Ideal for extremely heavy duty applications such as lead-lined x-ray doors, steel-lined security doors (AK47 bullet proof) and any other high security doors such as bank entrance cubicles and so on. Our Aluton | Continuous Geared Hinges are also popular choices for doors of a lesser weight where cycling conditions are extreme e.g.: schools, hospitals, universities, military installations, shopping centres and fast-food chains.

Our Aluton | Continuous Geared Hinges have been successfully used with door weights of up to 450Kg / 992Lbs (Standard Duty [S]) with our acetyal bearings (plastic support blocks) withstanding axial loads of up to 450Kg / 992Lbs before shear failure. These bearings also exhibit a very low wear rate over an extended period, with characteristics somewhat different to doors equipped with ball-bearing and other standard types of hinges.

The bearings, which are factory-spaced for uniform load distribution, easily absorb the crushing loads which can destroy even the costliest of conventional hinges. Other applications, in transportation and heavy industrial equipment subjected to severe environmental and operating conditions, provide even more rigorous proof that our Aluton | Continuous Geared Hinges can withstand abuse.

Why Choose Us

With the experience and expertise gained over our many years within the manufacturing and construction industry, we have tailored our hinges with precision engineering, to ensure durability and versatility and we take much pride in the longevity of our company.

We will always endeavour to go the extra mile to meet our customers’ requirements as efficiently and as precisely as what we can. We believe that customer service and customer satisfaction is the backbone of our business.